Who We ARe

Youth for Consent Culture aims to inspire a culture of consent, led by the voices of athletes. By working with athletes, coaches, and educators, we are dedicated to creating transformative learning opportunities to develop leadership in conversations around team culture, healthy relationships, and consent.
“I like that everyone was able to be open and vulnerable.”

– Queen’s Mens Football Player


Athlete Safety

Prioritizing the creation of safe sport environments by emphasizing the significance of athlete safety, dignity, and respect.

Inclusivity and diversity

Valuing and celebrating diverse experiences, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone is respected.

Education for Empowerment

Empowering athletes through educational sessions on team culture, healthy relationships, and consent to inspire positive cultural shifts within the sports community.

By Athletes,
For Athletes

Built on the belief that athlete voices must be at the core of a culture change, our programming is entirely athlete-centered. Our curriculum is developed and adapted by athletes to fit sport-specific contexts. We utilize sports scenarios, videos, and relevant materials to contextualize each session.

Our athlete-advisory committee is made up of athletes from various varsity and community athletic programs across Canada. At our monthly meetings, the Athlete Advisory Committee reviews and offers recommendations to ensure that it is hitting the mark and really addressing the issues facing athletes today.


The significance of communication, understanding, and consent in building healthy relationships and combating sexual violence.


The importance of stopping when a situation may be uncomfortable or unclear, indicating the need to pause and assess the situation.


Taking a moment to have a conversation about the situation, creates space for individuals to express their thoughts, feelings, and boundaries.


After effective communication and understanding, moving forward with mutual consent and respect, promoting healthy relationships.

Our Team

Aubrey Apps

Pathy Fellow & Founder

As the youngest of four sisters, I witnessed their challenges and the prevalence of sexual violence on campus environments early in life. At Queen’s University, I noticed a lack of student involvement in sexual violence prevention during my first year. In my second year, I joined Consensual Humans, a student group advocating for consent. This experience revealed the widespread impact of sexual violence.

Inspired by this work and other campus initiatives, I founded Youth for Consent Culture with the support of the Pathy Fellowship Foundation. Our sessions aim to empower athletes to understand their role in preventing sexual violence and promote consent and healthy relationships. Youth for Consent Culture has been shaped not only by my experiences but also by the efforts of those in the Queen’s and Kingston community.

Athlete Advisory Committee:

Youth for Consent Culture is entirely athlete-centered. At our monthly meetings, the Athlete Advisory Committee reviews and offers recommendations for workshop content to ensure that it is hitting the mark and really addressing the issues facing athletes today.

Board of Directors

Taryn McKenna

Board Member

Taryn McKenna (she/her) is a former varsity athlete turned coach with extensive experience working with players aged 3-25. Currently, she serves as the Student Inclusion and Engagement Coordinator at Queen’s University. Taryn’s role involves creating opportunities to foster allyship and a sense of belonging among students.

As the goalkeeper coach of the Varsity Women’s Soccer Team at Queen’s University, Taryn prioritizes creating a healthy team culture. She strongly aligns with YCC’s mission and values, witnessing firsthand the dedication and passion behind the organization. Taryn is a proud supporter of Aubrey and the remarkable work of this organization in empowering athletes to advocate for themselves and for a healthier team culture.

Tanner Bigcanoe

Board Member

Tanner is in his final year of undergraduate studies at Queen’s University pursuing a degree in Computer Science. He is the captain of Queen’s Mens Golf Team, and has been a member of the team for two years. Tanner has a wide range of experiences working for organizations that provide education to rural and remote Indigenous communities through technology. In this role he both delivery and created content.

His work in the education sector, as well as his own experiences in sport makes him incredibly excited to be a part of the YCC board, and organization that is transforming the way we approach education around team culture with athletes. He looks forward to listening to athletes stories and aligning YCC with the mission it has set out to accomplish.

Olivia Apps

Board Member

Olivia Apps (she/her) is the captain of the National Senior Womens 7s Team and has been a member of the national program since 2016. She currently lives in Victoria, BC where she trains full time preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Olivia is hoping to be a two-time Olympian, her first appearance was at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. In addition, Olivia has participated in two Rugby 7s World Cups, two Commonwealth Games, a Rugby 15s World Cup and has played on the Rugby 7s World Series since 2018.

As a leader on the national team, Olivia leads authentically through her everyday interactions with her teammates and support staff. She prides herself on the team culture that has grown throughout her years as a leader and is always trying to improve herself as a leader, friend and teammate. Olivia values community, authenticity, dedication and pride.

Fanta Lee

Board Member

Fanta Ly is a jurist pursuing an impact-oriented career at the intersection of law, policy, and advocacy to promote organizational responsibility. She is an active member of several community organizations, working on law reform and outreach initiatives ranging from harassment and discrimination policies in the education sector to Black economic empowerment initiatives within the African Canadian Diaspora. Fanta founded BlackAdemiaCanada, aiming to establish it as the one-stop-shop of resources for Black Students in Canada.

Her work in the area of institutional accountability makes her enthusiastic about joining the board of YCC, an organization that demonstrates how accountability can be proactive rather than merely reactive. She looks forward to seeing how various organizations will utilize the resources and expertise of YCC to uphold their organizational responsibility in the area of sexual violence through proactive engagement.

The Pathy Foundation Fellowship is an intensive 12-month experiential learning opportunity for recent graduates to lead a self-directed community-focused project in a community you have a meaningful connection with.