Professional Development

Our participant-driven professional development training aims to empower coaches and educators with the confidence, tools, and processes to engage in open conversations about team culture, healthy relationships, and consent with youth. We believe in making these discussions approachable to inspire a safe and positive sports environment within your group



Fostering a sense of confidence and capability among coaches and educators to navigate open discussions on team culture, healthy relationships, and consent with youth.


Ensuring that the training is participant-driven, making discussions approachable for everyone, and promoting an environment that respects diversity and fosters positive relationships.


Prioritizing the creation of a safe and positive sports environment by equipping participants with the tools and processes necessary to address important topics such as consent, ultimately enhancing athlete well-being and team dynamics.

Championing Safe Sport Certificate

The certificate program includes three training sessions. All three are required in order to receive a completion certificate.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will acquire the necessary tools and strategies to effectively lead sessions on team culture and consent with athletes.

Develop a thorough understanding of the direct connection between fostering a positive team environment and actively contributing to a culture of consent within broader communities.

Understand the significance of athlete-centred facilitation to create a lasting impact on athletes.


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Coaches/Educators involved in athletic programs.

Sessions must be in-person to maintain the integrity of the participatory approach.

Space to hold the session. The room must have enough space for group activities and someone to act as a support person who can be available outside of the room while sessions take place. For more information on this please email
Sessions are 2 hours in length.
By participating in this program, you will be given a certificate of completion.