Our sessions cover team culture, healthy relationships and consent.

Building Culture

Delve into the dynamics of team culture and how it intertwines with the broader concept of consent culture. In this session, athletes will explore what constitutes a healthy team culture, identify signs of an unhealthy one, and understand their pivotal role in shaping it. By the end of this session, participants will recognize the direct connection between fostering a positive team environment and contributing to a culture of consent in our communities.

Healthy Connections

Explore the intricacies of building and maintaining healthy relationships, drawing parallels between athletes’ dynamics on the field and their interactions beyond sports. In this session, athletes will gain insights into recognizing the characteristics of both healthy and unhealthy relationships, identify common barriers, and discover how the skills honed in sports can translate into fostering positive connections in everyday life.

Consent Conversations

Dive deep into the concept of consent. In this session, we’ll debunk common myths, shed light on the reality of consent, and explore what it truly means, looks like, and feels like. Athletes will gain the knowledge and tools to recognize the absence of consent and learn how to put consent into action, promoting a culture of respect and safety.

Choose any combination of sessions that best suits your team.


Youth in sports age 13-25

Free! There is no cost associated with these sessions. Youth for Consent Culture aims to make consent and healthy relationship education accessible.

Sessions must be in person to maintain the integrity of the participatory and youth centred approach.

Coaches have the ability to be as involved as they wish. While some distance from coaching staff can be beneficial for some teams, others might benefit from more involvement.

Space comfortable for group activities to hold the session and an open mind!